A Bronx Tale | Buell TheatrePerformance Dates: January 8 – 20, 2019

Hollywood takes from Broadway, and Broadway takes from Hollywood. The 1993 gangster film A Bronx Tale was morphed into a Broadway musical two years ago after ten years in production. It is currently touring the nation and has set its sights on Denver’s Buell Theatre from January 8 – 20.

A Bronx Tale is set in 1960s New York City where an Italian teenager finds favor with a local mob boss and becomes groomed in the business. Family ties and the sway of illicit love tear at his loyalties as the story gives greater depth and heart than the usual gangster tale. It was a semi-autobiographical story based on the life of Chazz Palminteri who first presented it as a one-act play.

Come see the Bronx come to life in Denver this January. Review the ticket options featured below for premium seating and sold out tickets.